A Brief History:

*Zurich: The Birth of Dada

*Founded by German poet Hugo Ball, launched first publication, Cabaret Voltaire

“The beginnings of Dada were not of art, but of disgust”~Tristan Tzara who launched the first European wide journal, Dada in 1917

*While the first two issues of Dada followed the conservative format of Cabaret Voltaire, issue number 3 violated all the rules and conventions of typography and layout.

*In June 1919, Raoul Hausmann began Der Dada in Berlin

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Select Artists:

Raoul Hausmann ‘Gurk’ 1918

Kurt Schwitters

John Heartfield ‘Der Dada No 3 Cover’

John Heartfield ‘Adolf the Superman’ 1932

Hannah Hoch ‘Heads of State’ 1918

Hannah Hoch

Raoul Hausmann ‘DadaCino’ 1920


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